Their movie-version of RUBY RED has put Katharina Schöde and Felix Fuchssteiner on the map of the the young-adult genre. The time travel trilogy they adapted, directed and produced, with the further parts SAPPHIRE BLUE and EMERALD GREEN, brought over 1.8 million viewers into German-speaking cinemas and was sold in over 20 territories. Also, the so-called "Gemstone Trilogy" regularly topped the DVD charts and was available on all major streaming-plattforms (Amazon, Netflix, Sky and Disney+). 

With mem-film GmbH, Schöde and Fuchssteiner have been producing their own material since their studies at the University of Film and Television in Munich. Felix's graduation film DIE KURVE, an adaptation of Tankred Dorst's play, was a major international festival success and won numerous awards. 

Their first long feature film DRAUSSEN AM SEE / LOSING BALANCE premiered at the Munich Film Festival and was awarded the „Förderpreis Deutscher Film“ for Best Production and for Best Young Actress. Other festivals and awards followed. 

In early 2021, the two helmed the YA horror film "DAS PRIVILEG, Die AUSERWÄHLTEN" for NETFLIX as a directing team and co-writers. 

Katharina Schöde and Felix Fuchssteiner are an experienced creative team - but as writers and directors they sometimes go their separate ways and devote themselves to different projects.